Personal Programming Projects


Here are some of my side projects I’ve been working on. Most of these are written in C++, perhaps with a bit of Python mixed in. They are all open source, although the license may differ between projects.


Some of the projects found here can be viewed and downloaded via GitHub. See the main GitHub site at


BPHash is a general-purpose C++11 hashing library. It was designed to be able to hash arbitrary data, generally for comparison purposes.

See the GitHub repo and the documentation for details.


BPPrint is a safer alternative to the printf family of functions. In includes compile-time and run-time checking of arguments, as well as general automatic deduction of types.

See the GitHub repo and the documentation for details.

My Light Contraption (C/C++)

An experiment in microcontroller programming and circuit design. See its own page for a description, including a video and some pretty pictures.

ThrowStream class (C++)

The ThrowStream class is a simple C++ class that makes throwing descriptive exceptions easier. At its heart, the class allows data to be easily added to the exception output using the stream operator, and can easily generate a back-trace like output.

The code can be downloaded from GitHub. Usage and examples are contained in the code documentation.